Busker Tour 2024 in Jelenia Góra

Illustrated poster of Busker Tour 2024 festival in Jelenia Góra with acrobats.
Busker Tour 2024 Jelenia Góra

Busker Tour 2024 – a travelling festival showcasing a diversity of street performing arts and circus will visit Jelenia Góra from 12th to 14th July 2024.

The festival celebrates buskers who are performers that every day turn squares into stages and passers-by into audiences. Some perform mainly locally, while others change continents to follow the summer.

International street performers in Jelenia Góra

The line-up features 8 acts from Argentina, Australia, Chile, Greece, Bulgaria and Taiwan.

Their shows are a blend of various styles, cultures, disciplines and fields of performing arts and circus, including acrobatics, juggling with a wide variety of props, original music and magic tricks to name a few.

Street performance requires the ability to adapt and connect with strangers. Mastering one’s body and props, and the most difficult technical routines, are not enough to gain recognition and hold the interest of an audience who may leave at any moment. On the street, charisma and presentation are equally important.

Street performers doing partner acrobatics at Busker Tour festival
Cia Rumba at Busker Tour Festival, photo by Joanna Dryjańska-Pluta

Line up of Busker Tour 2024 in Jelenia Góra

  • Muti Santarosa “Muti Santarosa Experience” | Magic | Chile
  • DeanIsHome “DeanIsHome Show” | Music| Bulgaria
  • Astronauts Theatre “Mermaid Theoni” | Living Statue | Greece
  • A Dúo Andaban “Bien Agarraditos” | Partner acrobatics | Argentina
  • Juggling Dom “Pyramid” | Juggling | Australia
  • Cia Rumba “Receptáculo” | Partner acrobatics | Argentina
  • Haw Jong Wu “Fluidity Verse(平平仄仄平)” | Diabolo | Taiwan
  • Twinsanity | Music (hip-hop) | Greece

Twinsanity and Haw Jong Wu will perform in Poland for the first time.

Detailed profiles of the performers of the Busker Tour 2024 festival and their shows are available on our website.

Each artist will perform on all festival days, and each of them is worth seeing more than once. While they may have a script as a reference point, buskers embrace improvisation, draw inspiration from their surroundings, and actively involve the audience, ensuring that each performance becomes a unique experience.

The artists will also join forces in interdisciplinary group shows. Some of them will meet for the first time only in Jelenia Góra, so this is the only opportunity to see them in such a configuration.

For whom?

People of all ages are warmly invited to attend the event. Experience the joy of multiple generations celebrating street art together in one place. No knowledge of foreign languages is necessary to appreciate the performances.


Admission is free; however, following the tradition of street performances, if you enjoy the show, buskers would greatly appreciate tips in their hats.

Organisational info

We recommend bringing a picnic mat or blanket to watch the shows comfortably.

Don’t forget a sun cream and a raincoat.

There are no entrance fees or barriers. Artists will designate their street stage using gestures, a rope, or water.

No animals take part in any circus shows.


Busker Tour 2024 in Jelenia Góra is organised by City Jelenia Góra and Małgorzata Węglarz.