Małgosia holding an axe
Małgorzata Węglarz and Krzysztof Kostera at BuskerBus Festival. Photo by Gilad Shabtay.

The Zielona Góra Cultural Centre and Małgorzata Węglarz are bound by an agreement on the co-organisation of the International Festival of Street Art BuskerBus, and we prepare its programme and produce it together. Cooperation with Małgorzata runs smoothly. The event’s organisational and program assumptions, necessary documents, and promotional activities are carried out on time and in accordance with the arrangements. Małgorzata Węglarz successfully continues the BuskerBus tradition, an event that has become part of Zielona Góra’s cultural calendar. Her organisational skills, combined with her knowledge of the street artists scene, make the Festival a lively event, liked and appreciated by Zielona Góra audiences.”

Agata Miedzińska, director of the Zielona Góra Cultural Center

We were glad to meet Malgosia and cooperate on busking program for our festival. Malgosia is passionate and she has both friendly and professional connections to the artists. She is able to balance the program well, she has experienced many shows and also has strong experience with organizing her own busking festival. This was especially useful because cooperation throughout the whole festival was like she was the in-house person who exactly understands how things work and can easily meet your festival needs as well as give useful advice. It was also a pleasure to meet personally and experience the festival together.

Sabina Ksandrová – Festival in streets, Ostrava (program and production)

Małgosia has always been great to work with. Her festivals are well organised and she puts her all into making sure everyone has a good time. She looks after her performers very well making sure that any issues that arise get solved asap and does her best to cater for everyones needs with the resources and budget that she has. Every festival I have worked with her, I feel like I have become a part of the family.

Matthias Goed, circus artist from New Zealand

Which skills does a festival organiser need to perform a successful streettheater event? Reliability, accuracy, empathy and correctness. You have to be able to trust this person as an artist or city administration, because this person is the interface between the city, the audience and the artists. The artist trusts that the organizer has made enough advertising and complies with all contractually regulated things. The city trusts that the organizers will keep their promises, a goodhumoured audience and great and talented artists during the festival, and the viewers put their trust in a carefully selected and varied program.

Małgorzata combines all these qualities. Organising and leading a festival is more than a job, it’s a passion and Małgorzata Węglarz is more than able to plan and realise such an event. Try to work with her and you will not be disappointed. She knows what she does and what she does is great.

Sabine Mariner, Belle Etage artistic director from Austria

We are Umami Dance Theatre (Madrid), and we met Małgosia back in 2015 through BuskerBus Festival. In all this time, we developed a very good friendship with her for different reasons, such as thé passion for busking. She’s a charming woman who loves her work and always takes care of the artist. She shows her professionalism in all of the festivals she organizes. We trust in her 100%, and we recommend her to work with. She turns all problems into solutions

Jérôme Leperlier, Gustavo Hoyos, dance group Umami Dance Theatre from Spain

I was invited as an artist to the BuskerBus Festival in 2020 and 2019. Obviously, most of the festivals had to be cancelled or be postponed this year. Nevertheless, Małgorzata didn’t give up and made it. I can’t imagine how many papers she wrote down. She is a hard worker. In this period the size of the event doesn’t matter. I think that people just want to see and feel some unusual things. People want to forget their daily life even temporarily. Definitely, she gave such a memorable moment to many people. In addition, she promotes for not only her festival itself but also the artists individually. It matters really as an artist. I really appreciate it. As a leader, Małgorzata earns my highest recommendation.

Hayato Yamaguchi, dancer from Japan