Busker Tour 2023

Illustrated poster of Busker Tour 2023 with circus character
Busker Tour 2023

Busker Tour is a travelling street festival of performing arts and the New Circus. In 2023, it has already visited Józefów and Krotoszyn. This time international buskers will perform in Krotoszyn on 19–20 August, Zielona Góra on 22–23 August, Wrocław on 25–26 August and Warsaw on 27 August.

Under the artistic direction of Małgorzata Węglarz, the festival aims to showcase the richness of street art, providing a platform for improvisation and experimentation. Buskers have the freedom to create their own unique shows, drawing inspiration from theatre, dance, acrobatics, juggling, and various other disciplines.

Attendees can expect a delightful array of puppet theatre, partner acrobatics, illusionist tricks, circus shows, object manipulation, clowning, and live music concerts. The mission of the Busker Tour festival is to promote musicians who perform their original compositions.

The invited buskers showcase diverse art forms and utilize different props, while also bringing their individual experiences and cultural backgrounds. Most of the invited artists will be performing in Poland for the first time.

Meet the performers.

Who is a busker?

A busker is a performer who possesses the remarkable ability to transform any public space into a captivating stage, engaging passersby as their audience. Their purpose is to provide entertainment, evoke emotions, and showcase their talents, ideas, skills, and unique personalities. While mastering their bodies and props with precision and tackling technically challenging acts are crucial to maintaining the audience’s interest, it is equally important for buskers to exhibit charisma, a distinctive presentation style, and the ability to connect with the audience.

Buskers are also known for their adaptability, adjusting their performances to new surroundings. Often, they encounter the performance space for the first time during the festival, without prior rehearsals, unsure of the audience size or their reactions. While they may have a script as a reference point, buskers embrace improvisation, draw inspiration from their surroundings, and actively involve the audience, ensuring that each performance becomes a distinct and unforgettable experience.

Festival club

Once the street scene ends, the event will continue at the festival club, where you will have the chance to witness both remarkable and unconventional performances by invited artists, or even step onto the stage yourself, as it is open to all attendees. Busker Tour is a festival that fosters extensive conversations, the exchange of ideas and experiences, and group training sessions, thus ensuring spontaneous group displays.

19-20.08.2023 | 10 p.m. Krotoszyn | Bila | Rynek 1R, 63-700 Krotoszyn

22-23.08.2023 | 11 p.m. Zielona Góra | Piekarnia Cichej Kobiety | ul. Fabryczna 13, Zielona Góra

24.08.2023 | 8 p.m. Wrocław | Recepcja | Recepcja, Ruska 46C, 50-079 Wrocław

25.08.2023 | 10 p.m. Wrocław | Recepcja | Recepcja, Ruska 46C, 50-079 Wrocław

Additional event

18.08.2023 | 6:30 p.m. Busker Tour – Rozgrzewka na dACHu | Wrocław | Galeria Dominikańska | plac Dominikański 3, 50-159 Wrocław

Organizational information

  • People of all ages are warmly invited to attend the event. Experience the joy of multiple generations celebrating together in one place.
  • No knowledge of foreign languages is necessary to appreciate the performances.
  • There are no entrance fees or barriers. Artists will designate their street stage using gestures, a rope, or water.
  • We recommend bringing a roll mat or blanket to watch the shows comfortably.


Admission is free; however, following the tradition of street theatres, if you enjoy the
performance, the artists would greatly appreciate donations and tips in their hats.

The festival is animal-free.


Małgorzata Węglarz www.busker.pl with local partners: Zielonogórski Ośrodek Kultury (Zielona Góra), Krotoszyński Ośrodek Kultury (Krotoszyn) and Domy Towarowe Wars Sawa Junior (Warszawa).
The festival in Wrocław is organised by Stowarzyszenie Promocji Artystów Ulicznych Dundun and co-financed by the Municipality of Wrocław www.wroclaw.pl